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Why wasn't the payment received?

Payments to the project may be delayed for up to 24 hours.

If the in-game currency is not credited to the account within 24 hours, create a ticket for Player Support in Billing Support > Payment Issue.

Indicate the following information in the ticket:

• payment method;
• email of the account to which the payment is effected;
• date and time of the payment;
• amount of the payment.

Attach the following to the ticket (indicate in the ticket):

• when paying via a terminal—scan or photo of the receipt;
• when paying via QIWI Wallet—screenshot of the wallet with the transaction in question displayed;
• when paying via mobile phone, indicate:

o phone number in international format;
o name of the mobile operator;
o date, time, and amount of the payment;
o short number;
o name of the physical person or legal entity, to which the phone number is registered;
o number of SMS sent;
o exact text of the message that you sent;
o text of the reply message.

• when paying via a bank card, indicate the first six and last four digits of your card and attach a card account statement showing transactions effected using the card.

Guide on how to attach files.

What to do when a payment was not received via: Visa/MasterCard; PayPal.

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