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Dxdiag report

The DxDiag report allows our Player Support team to check both your hardware and drivers, to assist you with a technical issue.

How do I obtain a Dxdiag report?

  1. Press keys [Windows] + [R]
  2. Type "dxdiag" and click [OK]
  3. In the Dxdaig window, click [Save All Information]
    • Click [Run 64-bit Dxdiag], when available.
  4. Save the file as "Dxdiag_report" and click [Save]
  5. Attach the report to your ticket.

Good to know

  • Whenever possible, please provide our Player Support team with a WGCheck report.
  • Dxdiag reports as well as a Python.log, come in handy when either a game does not support WGCheck or you face trouble to generate the report.

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