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How can I wipe or reset my account?

For various reasons, you may want to reset your game progress and start over. You can reset your progress only once in your account's lifetime.

  • If access to the game is blocked permanently, i.e. forever, your progress cannot be reset.
  • If your account is temporarily blocked, it can be reset. At the same time, the blocking period will not change—the account will remain blocked until the term of punishment expires.

During account reset, the following items will be reset/removed:

  • Commanders, including:
    * Those purchased and trained in exchange for Doubloons.
    * Unique Commanders with specializations for certain ships.
    * Those obtained from personal missions, special events, campaigns, etc.
  • XP and Elite Commander XP
  • Credits and special resources: Oil, Coal, Steel, Ranked Tokens, and Clan Tokens, including those obtained/converted for Doubloons
  • Valuable items purchased for Credits (ships, consumables, modules, equipment, etc.)
  • Research in the Tech Tree
  • Account statistics and achievements
  • Camouflages, flags, signals, and other exterior elements, except for those that are mounted on Premium ships or have an equivalent value in Doubloons
  • Containers
  • Research Points of the Research Bureau

The following items will remain unchanged on your account:

  • Free XP
  • The number of Doubloons on your account
  • Premium Account time that you had before the reset
  • Premium and event ships
  • Port slots
  • Places in the Reserve
  • Commemorative flags and rare achievements
  • Сamouflages and signals that have the equivalent value in Doubloons
  • Premium camouflages that are currently mounted on Premium ships

If you participated in the closed beta testing of World of Warships, your archived statistics for this period will not be reset on the website.

Before resetting your account, you will need to confirm that the account was registered by you, as well as confirm that you understand and accept the terms of resetting your account and have no claims against the administration of the game.

After you provide all the required information, your account will be blocked and reset. This may take 1–3 days.

Important: You cannot cancel your account reset.

If you want to reset your account, send us a request.

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