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How do I submit a ticket?

You can submit a new ticket by clicking here and then selecting the "SUBMIT TICKET" BUTTON, or by clicking "SUBMIT TICKET" below.

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You will need to log in using your ID to submit a ticket. If you are attempting to recover a lost account please create a temporary account to submit a ticket.

While you are writing up your ticket, we kindly ask you to answer the following questions so we can get a better understanding of your issue:


  • Did you clearly state your issue?

If the explanation isn’t very clear, it may take us longer to comprehend your issue.  If you are inquiring about missing equipment, please tell us which equipment is missing and what steps you had taken prior to the equipment disappearing.  If you are experiencing a technical issue, please tell us what steps you have already taken.  If you have uninstalled and reinstalled our client, we would like to know about it, etc...


  • What virtual assets/packages do you have a question about? 

If you are asking about a specific armored vehicle, please mention the vehicle’s name.  If you are asking about your crew member’s skills/perks percentage, please mention which tank the crew members pertain to. If you are asking about a gift shop package, please mention the name of the package. If you are having difficulties with a gold transaction, please state the amount, etc...


  • When did this issue occur?

It is extremely helpful for us, if you provide us with a timeline as to when your issue occurred.  Please include the date and time of the event.  If you haven’t played our game in a while and some of your vehicles are missing, we would like to know when the last time you logged into the game was.  If you recently moved your crew members to your Barracks and they are missing, please tell us when you moved them. If you are reporting a player for chat violations, please send us the name of the player in question and the date/time of the occurrence.


  • Do you have any relevant links?

If you are asking about a certain event, please send us the link to it. Since we have several games and lots of events going on at the same time, we want to know which event you are referring to. If you received a bonus code, please tell us where you got it from.


  • Do you have screenshots of your issue? 

We LOVE helpful screenshots that can help with answering your ticket. 

If your crew member is not leveling up, we would like you to select your vehicle in the Garage and take a screen shot of its crew members.  If your emblems are not displaying on your vehicle, please select your vehicle’s Exterior button and take screen shots of “Emblem 1” and “Emblem 2”.  If you are inquiring about achievements from a specific battle, we ask that you supply us with screenshots of the Battle Results (one of the Personal Score, the Team Score and the Detailed Report). If you have a payment receipt, send us a screenshot. If your plane keeps crashing into invisible objects, send us a screenshot. You get the idea, screenshots make it easier for us to help YOU.

You can open up Microsoft Paint and press "Ctrl+V" to paste the image in. If you are in-game, after pressing the Print Screen button, the screenshot will be saved to the root folder of the game. The default root folder is C:\Games\World_of_Tanks. The screenshots will be saved as a jpg format and will be named shot_001.jpgshot_002.jpg etc.


  • Do you have replay videos of your issue?

In some instances, replay videos can be extremely useful for us. For example, if your vehicle gets stuck on a particular location in a battle, or if you didn't receive a battle achievement but you feel like you should have, please attach it to your response. We would also like to know which part of the video the issue occurred (for example, 13:33), the vehicle in question and the username.


  • Are there any necessary attachments?

If you are experiencing a technical issue, we would like for you to send us your dxdiag file and/or your pingplotter file. A ping plotter file is useful if you are experiencing high ping levels or connection issues whereas a dxdiag file is useful for all other technical issues.  If you would like to submit an attachment but you don't know how, you can visit this link for helpful instructions.

  • Have you already submitted a ticket regarding the same issue?

Everytime you submit a ticket, it goes to our ticket queue. We ask that you only submit new tickets regarding new issues. You can reply to tickets if we have asked for additional information. You can re-open tickets if you feel like your issue has not been resolved. This will ensure that you get a response faster. If you open a new ticket, it goes to the back of the line.

Also, if you keep replying to your own ticket, the ticket keeps moving down the list because there is "new activity" on it. Tickets do not work like forum posts, and your "bumping" of the ticket actually prevents us from getting to it faster.


  • Is your ticket about more than one issue?

If you have several questions about really different issues, please submit a new ticket per inquiry. If you want to report a bug, report a player for chat violations and ask about a gift shop package, please submit three (3) separate tickets. You are free to refer to any previous ticket ID# in your ticket submissions.

If you want a faster response, please submit a new ticket for every new issues. This way, each issue will be handled by the department responsible and you will receive an answer faster.

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