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How do I report Team Killing or Team Damage?

Please note that there is NO NEED TO REPORT TEAM KILLING as our system automatically sanctions the offending player, and even bans them if they continue team killing.

It is unfortunate when we play with teammates that do not contribute to team battles.

Friendly fire, team damage and team killing is automatically taken care of by the friendly fire automated system which assigns sanctions as needed.

The automated system tracks every instance of friendly fire and team killing, and hands out sanctions accordingly. These sanctions given out on an escalating scale. If the offending behavior continues, the player will receive a permanent game ban.

For these reasons we ask that if you encounter a player who is violating the rules, that you do not take things into your own hands or report them.

The automated system will sanction repeat offenders of friendly fire just as readily as it does for team killing.

You can get more information about this subject here.

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