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How to Install and Uninstall World of Warships


Before installing World of Warships, you'll need to download the installer executable file from this page

When you click 'Download Game' a dialog box will appear. Please choose the option to 'Save File' to your computer. Once the download has finished, please run the installer.

You will be presented with a series of options. Follow the prompts to select the directory where World of Warships will be installed (the default is C:\Games\World_of_Warships) and to determine what shortcuts are created to run the game.

Once you are finished with this step, the Game Center will start and begin downloading all the necessary files. Once the process is complete, you can run the game!



This process is quite simple.  

If you have downloaded/installed World of Warships on your PC:

Press Start (or key combination Win + X for Windows 8) -> Control panel ->Programs ->Programs and Features, choose World of Warships and press Uninstall.

We hope this explains the issue well, but if you need any more help please feel free to submit a Support Ticket via our Customer Service Center

See you on the high seas!

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