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How can I get my dismissed Commander back?

You may have dismissed one of your Commanders by mistake. We can offer you a way to have this Commander restored.


  • You can request one (1) restoration of a Commanders every three (3) months.
  • The Commanders will be restored with the same number of skill points, rounded down to the closest level.
    • E.g. If a Commander was at level 14 and had 97% XP to the next level, it will be restored as a level 14 Commander with no extra XP.
  • Only those Commanders who were dismissed within the last 90 days can be restored.
    The exception is unique Commanders, who can be restored beyond this limit, but with only the initial skill points they had at the time of their purchase (technical limitation).

How to request

  • You may create a ticket in the following page (Link)
  • Please provide the necessary information when creating a ticket

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