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WGCheck Network Diagnostics

WGCheck is a tool that checks the game files integrity and generates a technical report about your computer and connection: DxDiag report, active processes, installed applications and Network Diagnostics. This report will help Support to help you out.

How to diagnose your network

  1. Download WGCheck.
  2. Extract WGCheck.exe from the zip file and place it in a folder of your choice (for example, Desktop), and launch it.
  3. During the first launch, WGcheck will search for Wargaming Universe game clients on your computer. Found games will be displayed as tabs.
    • Should a specific game not be found, you will have to add it manually. Press the tab ADD GAME and find, for example, WorldOfTanks.exe.
  4. Go to tab NETWORK.
  5. Select the game you have issues with.
  6. Select the server that gives you trouble and press Check.
  7. When diagnostic is complete, press Report.
  8. The results will be displayed. Press Go to report.
  9. A window with the report file will be opened.
  10. Attach this file in your ticket to Support.

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